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Not Just For Wine Only: Practical And Pretty Uses For A Wine Holder

If you enjoy finding creative ways to use items around your home, a wine holder is one of the most versatile pieces to work with. Wine holders can be purchased ready-made in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, and there are instructions online for crafting your own wine holder. You will find plenty of ways to use your wine holder all through the house.

In the kitchen

A wine holder will look lovely displaying your favorite wine on a countertop. Choose a rustic wooden holder for a country-style kitchen and a wire holder for a contemporary kitchen. You can also paint an unfinished wood holder in a color to match your kitchen décor.

A wine holder can be used to hold clean dish towels by rolling up your towels and tucking them into the openings of a wine holder. It can be used to display glasses or to keep bottles of oil or vinegar organized. A caddy-style wine holder makes a great mini garden for growing fresh herbs for cooking.

In the playroom or kid's bedroom

Wine holders make great organizers for all kinds of art supplies that kids love. Place colorful cups in the holder and use them for keeping crayons and paintbrushes neat and tidy. You can also store extra construction paper in the holder by rolling up sheets of paper and placing them in the openings. 

In the bathroom

Use a wine holder for storing extra hand towels or washcloths. This makes them easy to access. You can also store large bottles of shampoo or body wash in a wine holder. Avoid wooden holders in the bathroom and choose a wire holder to eliminate the risk of moisture damage.

In the rec room or family room

Wine holders are perfect for storing your family's favorite sports drinks in a rec room or family room. Set up a beverage center in the corner of the room by hanging a wooden wine holder on the wall and filling the openings with bottles of soda or water for the kids and wine for the adults. You can also find round containers of chips, pretzels, and nuts that will fit in your wine holder.

Finding multiple ways to use household items is always fun and lets you expand your creativity as you learn new ways to get the most from an item. A wine holder can be used in any room of the house both for practical purposes and aesthetic purposes. With a little creativity, you will likely find many fun ways to use your wine holder around the house.