Being Smart About Crafting

Use Hand-Dyed Yarn To Create A Colorful Wall Rug Or Tapestry

Organic and inorganic dyes are used to create beautiful shades of yarn that can be used in many home-based crafts. If you would like to create a beautiful rug or tapestry that can be hung behind your couch, choose the material that yarn strands will be secured to and select some custom colors of crafting yarn that can be used to make the wall hanging.

Loose Strands Or Stitches

Hand-dyed crafting yarn can be used with a latch hook kit to create a rug that contains loose strands that will feel and look like a floor covering. A stitched wall hanging will be more complex in design and can be framed or hung loosely from an interior wall. Purchase a kit that contains the basic materials necessary for a wall hanging.

A kit may include printed fabric or canvas and the option of using the yarn varieties that are included or purchasing a batch of hand-dyed yarn products that will allow you to customize the color palette used to create a rug or a tapestry.

If you decide to use custom colors, use the color guide that is enclosed in a kit to help you choose color variations. Inspect the yarn products, since hand-dyed ones may differ slightly if they have been dyed in different batches. The difference in color will be minimal and, in many instances, will not be detectable.

Assembling And Displaying The Wall Hanging

If you have decided to purchase a latch hook kit or an embroidered product that has been clearly marked, review the color guide and the symbols that are printed on the canvas or fabric to ensure that you use the correct color of yarn for each marked section.

If you are taking a more custom approach with the new wall hanging and have purchased unmarked fabric or canvas, you should take your time when using yarn to create strands or stitches since selecting the wrong color of yarn could easily happen and result in needing to loosen strands and replace them with an alternate yarn product.

Count each unmarked space in a row, either vertically or horizontally, and refer to your guide prior to using your hook tool or an embroidery needle to attach the yarn. Once you have completed the wall hanging, purchase a complementary frame or a rod that can be used to suspend the rug or tapestry from the wall.