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Three Ways To Create The Perfect Exterior For Your Cabin Or Log Home

Whether you are decorating your little cabin in the woods or your new log home, it's important that you pay as much attention to the exterior as you do the interior. Here are three ways you can make sure your abode has a rustic curb appeal that matches the inside.

Add Metal Elements

Many rustic home décor companies offer specialty metal items you can't easily find elsewhere. Consider purchasing a copper weather vane to perch on your roof apex. The polished copper will eventually give way to a lovely green patina as it becomes weathered. The weather vane will let you know the direction the wind is blowing while decorating your rooftop with a traditional design, such as an American eagle, rooster, or buck. Copper rain chains are another unique way to add a country flair to your cabin or log home. Rain chains replace traditional waterspout gutters with decorative chains and evenly spaced receptacles such as little baskets that create a waterfall. Not only are they visually stunning, they create a relaxing sound as the water passes down.

Other rustic metal cabin décor ideas include a bronze sundial in your garden, hammered wrought iron house numbers, a metal plaque personalized with your family name and the date you established your homestead placed on the foundation cornerstone, and mailboxes with painted landscape or wildlife scenes.

Create Landscaping That Looks Like It Has Always Been There

Build walls from natural materials, such as large boulders found on your property, limestone, or brick. Use wildflowers to fill in the area behind where you quit mowing the grass in your yard. This will lend a "Little House on the Prairie" feel to your property as well as provide fresh cut flowers for inside your home. Make garden paths from stone pavers, and plant low-growing plants like thyme to fill in the gaps, which can also be planted near your stone walls. This will soften the look of your hardscaping and remove the sterile, suburban look that new construction can sometimes have. Choose outdoor lighting fixtures, posts, and lanterns that will complement both your cabin and the landscaping.

Add Finishing Touches

Pay special attention to your entryway. Even if you don't have a wide front porch, try to create a small seating area or provide a rustic bench to sit on and take muddy shoes off or just enjoy the breeze and a cold beverage. A sturdy sisal welcome mat, bird feeders, and a stone statue of a dog are additional welcoming touches you can add to maximize rustic curb appeal.