Being Smart About Crafting

Choosing The Right Ribbon For Your Craft Project

Whether you're looking for ribbon to make hair bows, decorate your home or for some other reason, understand that all ribbon is not the same. Aside from color, width and other decorative elements, ribbon is available in a range of different material options. If you're looking to purchase decorative craft ribbon, make sure you are getting the best option for your needs.  


Satin ribbon is easily recognizable as it has a rich, natural shine to it. It is lightweight and flexible, making it a great option for a number of craft projects. When choosing this option, the most important thing to remember is just how much of the ribbon will be exposed. Satin ribbon is generally only finished on one side. The top of the ribbon might shine, but the underside may be dull. If your project requires that both sides of the ribbon be exposed, this might present an issue.


As the name suggests, curling ribbon curls. This is generally the go-to choice for individuals using the ribbon to wrap gifts or any other project where you want to add texture to the look of the ribbon.  It can be used for other purposes, but you need to use caution. Curling ribbon is generally thinner than other options, meaning it can rip rather easily. If the project you are designing requires frequent handling, you might not want to choose this option.  


Mesh ribbon is ribbon that is designed with small holes in it. The design of the ribbon will determine just how large the holes are. Mesh is versatile and can easily transition from a more elegant project to something less formal. The primary thing to remember with this ribbon option is that you can see through it. If your goal is to cover up whatever the ribbon will be placed over, this might not work or you may have to use multiple layers of ribbon to do so.


Velvet is one of the heaviest ribbon options available. Its heaviness makes it a great option for project like wreaths, where you want the ribbon to look rich and full. In the right color, velvet ribbon can also offer an elegant look. The only real drawback of this option is that it's not quite as flexible as some of the thinner ribbon styles. The weight of the fabric can make it harder to manipulate, so keep this in mind.

Using the wrong type of ribbon can negatively affect your finished project. Take your time and choose wisely for the best outcome, and visit a craft store, such as Wholesale Flowers Ribbons & Buttons, for more information and options.